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Cordaware bestinformed® Mobile Client!
Citrix Ready

Cordaware bestinformed® 6 is revolutionizing the market of information logistics due to being the fastest, smartest and most powerful realtime communication platform of all time.

Think smart, react fast

It doesn't matter if you want to inform 10 or 1.000.000 users.
Cordaware bestinformed® adjusts perfectly according to your needs.
And the best: Cordaware bestinformed® Starter App is already available for 10 cent per client per month.

Cordaware bestinformed®

Are you still informing your users via email?
There is a better way!

Cordaware bestinformed® is the leading solution for companywide instant messaging and proactive user informations from the Service Desk.

Cordaware bestinformed® Alarm Edition

No place for threats at PC workstations!

The Alarm Edition eliminates potential danger caused by threats, assaults or vandalism which can occur on different workstations such as administrations, agencies, hospitals, public events or safety enterprises.

New: bestinformed videos in the customer portal
New video area in the Cordaware customer portal.
New: Cordaware bestproxy
Cordaware bestproxy - Increase network security and simplify firewall management
End of technical support for Cordaware bestinformed Version 5
End of technical support for Cordaware bestinformed Version 5 on the 31th December 2019.
New: The Cordaware bestinformed Mobile Client
From now on, a free trial version of our Mobile Client is available upon request!