Cordaware bestinformed® is the leading desktop mass notification system used for companywide distribution of urgent information. Messages are instantly distributed according to specified groups. The messages then immediately appear on the recipient's desktops as a dynamic news-ticker.

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What may at first sound quite simple, is in fact a real-time communications platform that evolved over several years. It is used by numerous renowned companies to ensure the highest level of information security. We have listened to our customers demands to meet the need of challenging mass notification and individual real time communication.

Application Examples

Companywide information management
Proactive User communication from the User Service Desk
Remote maintenance of computer systems
Mass notification in case of alert and evacuation
Surveying customers and employees
Providing information on large public screens
Optimizing inventory
and much more ...

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Cordaware bestinformed® on mobile devices

Do you want to reach your employees who aren't at their workplaces and provide them with highly important messages at any time?

The Cordaware bestinformed® Mobile App is now available for iOS and Android!

With the help of our bestinformed®-Mobile-concept your mobile devices can be integrated in your current information concept fast and easy in the future. We are currently implementing the interfaces for the following messengers:

Decide for yourself, whether to use the bestinformed® Mobile App or if you prefer to connect via our mobile interface and an already existing App like Facebook or Telegram.

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Please consider that a special licensing for the Mobile App ist needed.

Cordaware bestinformed® is Citrix Ready

Cordaware bestinformed® is compatible with Citrix and has been certified by Citrix Ready. A list of compatible Citrix products can be found here.